1. What does COVID mean for the USC Elections Process?
    This year, the USC will be limiting in-person activities as much as possible. All nominations forms will be submitted using a new online platform, and bonds will be collected online. Candidates should plan to run a strong online campaign, as we don’t anticipate any in-person opportunities. We will keep students updated as we learn more, and any final changes will be communicated to candidates at the All Candidates’ Meeting on January 12th.

  2. What does that mean, “online campaign”?
    Because of the rising COVID numbers in Ontario, we want to make sure that everyone participating in USC elections is safe. This means that, at this time, we don’t expect that there will be any in-person campaigning. Candidates are going to need to get creative in how they reach constituents.

    With that in mind, we strongly advise candidates to start thinking about this now. An online campaign means all candidates will be using social media extensively and it will be more challenging to stand out from the noise. While we can’t tell you exactly how to run your campaign, it seems safe to say that Facebook and Instagram pages alone are not going to be enough. You’ll need to be creative about reaching out to voters and sharing your vision for the USC.

  3. Where can I find more information about planning a campaign?
    Check out the resources available on the Candidates page! We’ve got videos from our 2020-2021 Campaign school, current policies, and any updates from the Elections Governance Committee.

  4. What about this new nomination process?
    It’s the same nomination process, just online! We’ve partnered with Survey & Ballot Systems to host the whole process through their DirectNominations platform. The link will be available from this site once nominations open.

    You’ll start by creating an account. Once you’ve done that, choose the position you’re planning to run for. You’ll then need to provide your name, faculty, student number, and contact information. You’ll be able to collect signatures by sharing a unique link with your supporters and asking them to provide their information. It’s important to note that your nomination is not complete until you’ve got all of the signatures required AND you’ve paid your bond. Bond payment will be accepted through the USC Elections Website. The Elections Governance Committee will confirm your candidacy once all three steps are completed and we’ve confirmed that the signatures are valid (current students and in the correct faculty, if relevant).