Running in an election

Make a Difference

Elections Toolkit

Step 1: Building Your Platfform

What sets you apart from the other candidates? Why should students vote for you? With the help of volunteers, develop a unique platform that builds upon core student values and addresses issues of importance…

Step 2: Putting Your Campaign Team Together

There is no perfect template to structure a campaign team and each will be unique from the other. This brief will outline some suggestions to think about when beginning this process and tips that will be helpful to you in the process…

Step 3: Preparing For A Debate

Debates are a great way to highlight why you are running and ultimately should answer why students should elect you to a position in leadership. We asked successful candidates for their top tips…

Step 4: Managing Campaign Finances

The USC offers candidates’ financial support to fund campaign efforts. This Guide will outline your financial obligations and the resources avaiable to you….

Step 5: Geting Out The Vote

Getting out the vote (GOTV) on election day is one of the most important aspects of your campaign. Elections are decided by the number of votes cast. Learn how to mobilize your supporters….

plan of action

know your Responsibilities

Throughout the elections process there are a number of key dates and documents that are the candidates’ responsibility to be aware of.

Key Dates


Jan 12 @ 8:00am EST – January 19 @ 4:00pm EST:
Nomination period for Faculty Representatives, Faculty Presidents, and USC Presidential candidates

January 29 @ 8:00am EST – February 19 @ 4:00pm EST:
Nomination period for USC Vice Presidential candidates

Mandatory Meetings

January 19 @ 5:00:
All Candidates Meeting
(Zoom link to be provided once nominations are verified)

February 12 @ 5:00
VP Candidates
(Zoom link to be provided once nominations are verified)

Campaign Period

General Election

January 12-19:
Nomination Period

January 20-31:
Campaign Period

February 1-2:

February 4:
Results Night


VP Candidates

February 20th:
Campaigning Opens

March 6th:
Campaigning Closes

March 7th:
Voting (USC AGM)

“Every Election is determined by the people who show up.”

Larry J. Sabato

Logistics - Running a Clean Campaign

campaign Documents

You must meet several requirements in order to avoid sanctions or disqualification during the campaign period.

All forms will be available once Nominations open on January 12th, 2021

main background

Pay Your Bond

A refundable bond must be posted as part of your campaign. You can pay this online with a credit card via the USC’s secure payment portal.

Artwork upload

All printed campaign materials and advertisements require approval by the CRO in advance of posting, printing, and/or distributing.

event proposal

All candidates are required to submit an event proposal to the CRO for approval for any USC elections-related events (online events). This includes any “event” designed to connect students together for the purpose of campaigning. Please ensure proposals are submitted at least 48 hours prior to the intended event.

Expense Tracker

All candidates are required to use the expense tracker to track campaign expenses and be eligible for reimbursements. Original receipts must be submitted for each expense. Please ensure to submit the tracking sheets and original receipts by February 2nd @ 4pm.


We are here to help...

For Your Reference:

Candidates are responsible for reviewing the following documents to gain a comprehensive understanding of the do’s and don’ts of the elections process as well as everything in between.

(Each bullet point is a link to the relevant PDF.)

Western Elections

Western's Student Senate and Board of Governors Elections

Full information about Senate and Board of Governors elections (including the election procedures, schedule, and nomination forms) can be found at:

Senate elections:

Board of Governors:

Contact with any questions.