1. Vote for the allocation of funds to put composts in main campus washrooms (for the disposal of paper towels)
-many science students have a deep care for the earth based on their understanding of the earth’s processes & climate change
-this initiative would encourage community engagement throughout the university in mitigating our GHG emissions & waste as an institution
2. Annual science showcase
-A beginning-of-year showcase of all the previous-year’s notable scientific studies done by undergrad & master’s students at Western
-This would encourage engagement among young science students at Western and expose new research opportunities
3. Course –specific case study sessions
-First year science courses can contain thousands of students (CHEM 1301, Bio 101, etc.) However, there is no specific initiative to make these students engage, work or study together
-Advertising first year study sessions and inviting TAs from the course would encourage student engagement and could lower stress around exam times