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What is the USC?

The University Students’ Council (USC) is a student-led organization whose mission is to enhance the educational experience of 37,000 undergraduate and professional students at Western University, through student supports, programming, and advocacy.

Since 1965, the USC has grown to be one of the largest student governments in the Country and one of the largest not-for-profit corporations in London Ontario. Led by our student executives — President, VP University Affairs, VP External Affairs, VP Student Support and Programming, VP Governance and Finance, and VP Communications and Public Affairs — we work to support, improve and enhance your student experience, because we believe that students have the power to change the world.

We are Student Led

Students are at the forefront of the organization. Student leaders fill all of the organizations change-making roles including the Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Body, and the Board of Directors. Students are responsible for creating the vision and direction for the organization. Part-time student employees similarly act in direct support to the USC Executive Body in the advocacy, programming, services, initiatives, engagement, and collaboration of the organization. It is the vision of the students that guides this organization, and we will continue to ensure that student leaders are the primary voice leading the USC forward.

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Meet The Team

USC Elections Committee

Brandon Yip

Deputy Returning Officer DRO.Intern@westernusc.ca

Roles and Responsibilities

The Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) is the second governing figure in the administration of USC elections collaborating with the Chief Returning Officer. The DRO is responsible for assisting the Elections Committee, Chief Returning Officer and Manager, Advocacy and Government Services in the execution of Fall and Spring Elections, in both leadership and supportive roles.

We are Inclusive

Our constituents are all incredibly diverse individuals with different perspectives, experiences, wants, and needs. We work to ensure that all diverse voices are included, represented, and considered in every decision that the USC makes. We are committed to serving, supporting, and enhancing the experiences of all students regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, religion, ability, or age. We understand that our community does not always provide equal opportunity to all ttudents, and thus, the USC will strive to remove barriers standing in the way of equal opportunity and representation. We will celebrate uniqueness and individuality and ensure that no one on our campus will be limited in opportunity or experience due to their differences.

Complaints and Appeals

“Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.”

Harry Emerson Fosdick