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Each year, Western’s campus comes alive with student pride and ideas for the future during the Spring Election. From Faculty Presidents to your Student Executive, the undergraduate student body gathers to cast their vote to elect the new USC in February.

The University Students’ Council (USC) is a student-led organization whose mission is to enhance the educational experience of 37,000 undergraduate and professional students at Western University, through student supports, programming, and advocacy.

Since 1965, the USC has grown to be one of the largest student governments in the Country and one of the largest not-for-profit corporations in London Ontario. Led by our student executives — President, VP University Affairs, VP External Affairs, VP Student Support and Programming, VP Governance and Finance, and VP Communications and Public Affairs — we work to support, improve and enhance your student experience, because we believe that students have the power to change the world.

What is the EGC

The Elections Governance Committee (EGC) is tasked with upholding the vision and principles of the USC’s Bylaw #2 which govern our elections. It is led by the Chief Returning Office (CRO) with support from the Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) and Elections Governance Officers (EGO).

The Spring 2024 By-Election

Positions on the Ballot...

USC President

The USC President is the spokesperson for the Western undergraduate student body. He consistently works to provide a more accessible, diverse, and enjoyable student experience for those attending Western and provide support to the other members of this executive team. 

Faculty Presidents

Faculty Council Presidents sit at the head of their respective Council, and provide leadership and direction for the overall running of their organization. Presidents may respresent their students interests as either voting or non-voting members of the USC.


  • Arts and Humanities President
  • FIMS President
  • Health Sciences President
  • Health Studies President
  • Kinesiology President
  • Music President
  • Nursing President
  • Science President
  • Social Science President

Faculty Councillors

A Councillor is an undergraduate student who is elected by peers to represent their interests on the council floor. These students come from all the undergraduate faculties and professional schools, and are responsible for providing strategic direction for the organization.

  • Arts and Humanities Councillor
  • FIMS Councillor
  • Health Sciences Councillor
  • Health Studies Councillor
  • Kinesiology Councillor
  • Music Councillor
  • Nursing Councillor
  • Science Councillor
  • Social Science Councillor

Governing Documents...

By-law #2: Elections By-law
The rules and regulations that both the candidates and Elections Committee must abide by.

Elections Governance Committee Terms of Reference
Composition and mandate of the Elections Governance Committee.

Elections Governance Committee Campaign Finance Procedure
Processes for both candidates and the Elections Governance Committee involving campaign finances.

Processes for developing the ballot for the fall and spring elections.

Elections Governance Committee Nominations Procedure
Process for candidates to complete a Nomination Form for a USC Election.

Elections Rules and Violations Policy
Outlines rules candidates must follow.

Elections Violations Procedure
Outlines the proper procedures for receiving, processing, reviewing, and publicizing the results of violations.

Elections Referendum Policy
Outlines steps for including a referendum question in an election.

Elections Policy on Dual Degree Students
Processes for running or voting in two different faculties.

Registered Interest Party Procedure
This procedure serves to indicate how a registered interest party is formed to campaign in a referendum.

Spending Limits
Candidates will be provided with an expense tracking sheet; they will be expected to submit the expense tracking sheet and supporting documentation (receipts) to the EGC by 4:00 pm on February 5th, 2024.

Please note that candidates and their campaign teams are responsible for reading and following the elections bylaws, policies, and procedures. If you have questions, please contact the Chief Returning Officer at [email protected]

Nomination Forms
Nomination Forms are now available.