1) I will adovcate for and create a fund to give professors the money they need to implement solutions targeted at incresaing the environmental sustainabiltiy of our school.

In just the past 3 years, 140,000 pipette tips and 25,000 microcentrifge tubes have been used in undergraduate lab courses. These pipettes tips cannot be recycled through the normal receycling stream, and can only go into garbage.

Meanwhile, professors who have found actionable solutions to the growing environmental impact of not just pipette tips, but other one time use plastics struggle to find the funding to implement their solutions. Professors are forced to look for money from sources outside their department like the Science Student Donation Fund or take it out on their already low budgets.

As a result, the creation of a separate USC and donation sponsored fund can ensure that professors can implement more sustainable practices.

2) My goal is to mandate that the USC work with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and create a volunteer based system to integrate 3rd year medical science students who have just changed faculties into the faculty of of medicine and dentistry’s governance.

This is due to rising concerns of 3rd year Medical Sciences students in being forced out of voting rights towards a USC science faculty councilors and administrative disputes regarding entry into common science faculty student government roles even though they had been part of that community ever since the start of their university program.

3) Students are unintentionally isolate from the USC’s decision making process due to a lack of interest towards governance or a lack of awareness towards governance. By involving students via monthly updates on platforms such as Discord and Instagram I aim to help students feel more involved and increase the transparency between students and the USC.