(1) Research Opportunities – It is very difficult as a science major to secure research positions to gain experience. As someone that is struggling with acquiring some hands-on lab experiences working with researchers, I want to find ways to make this process easier. It is very difficult to get research positions wihtout a lot of work experiences or connections. The main goal of my campaign will be amplifying and expanding research opportunities for every student.

(2) Community Engagement – organizing more science-related outreach programs for example:
-volunteer opportunities, environmental initiatives, science fairs, collaborative projects with other schools

(3) Career Development

(4) Networking events to help students gain connections in accordance with their career plans

(5) Diversity and Inclusion – initiatives that build a welcoming environment for all students in science. Tied in with networking to ensure that all students from all backgrounds are represented.

(6) Feedback forums/surveys – collect feedback from students about their experiences and work towards helping students in an efficient and prompt manner.