Goal 1 – Be the Voice of the Students nad Show I Care: My main goal is to want the people to be heard. I want Western students to believe that the university student council values their interests. I do not want people to think that the student council is something they cannot influence. The USC is supposed to be a body by the students for the students,a dn I want students to feel that the student council is indeed listening to and caring about them. I want to represent and be the voice of all the faculty students.

Goal 2 – Establish Ways to Talk to Every Student: To be the voice of every student, I need to be able to hear every student. In a large university, it is not an easy task to talk to and hear every student. I believe that the interests and opinions of every students should be heard to show that the USC cares. I plan to make ways for simple communication between myself and the students of my faculty. I want to put myself out there as an approachable and friendly guy who is willing to listen, so people trust me enough to tell me waht they want. I also want to be recognizable enough so people will know that I am the guy they should talk to for any USC related things. If both things happen, I will always be available to talk to anyone in person, through email, or social media. I also would set up a simple Google form for any anonymous suggestions/complaints/interests to hear from any student to make it easy to say something to me. If I am elected, I can choose the best and most realistic ways to talk to students.

Goal 3 – Make the Students Care about USC: None of the campaigns matter if no one cares about the university student council. Students might not care about USC because it does not affect them positively or negatively. I want to show the students that the council can only act to benefit students if the students care about USC.