USC Elections 2024: Referendum on Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) 

In the upcoming University Students’ Council (USC) Election, eligible students will be asked to vote YES or NO to the following question: 

Referendums are a rare, binding ballot question that decide USC policies – including how much you are charged in your ancillary fees. Referendums don’t come around often, so it is important to vote when they do. You will be able to vote at the end of your election ballot.

Student Referendums allows the USC to receive direct student input on our organizational direction. It is really important to be informed and vote in referendums to make sure that your student voice is heard. 

In November 2023, Council passed a motion to bring a question to a referendum regarding CASA. This question will be included in the 2024 election cycle. 

To learn more about the referendum and CASA, please visit the USC CASA referendum website.