Changes to Bylaw #2 impact the referendum and violations policy, financial procedure, and Elections Governance Committee terms of reference

The University Students’ Council (USC) announces substantial changes to Elections policies and procedures for the upcoming Spring Elections in January. The changes aim to make it easier for candidates and voters to engage in the electoral process.

“Through these changes, we are trying to make the focus of Elections the beauty of the democratic process and not the underlying bureaucracy,” said Peter Bratic, Chief Returning Officer (CRO), Elections Governance Committee.

“It is for candidates to express themselves freely, and for the voters to have their voice heard through their votes. I am confident that the new Elections process will make things better for everyone involved.”

The amendments to USC Bylaw #2, the rules and regulations that govern Elections, were presented to the USC Board of Directors (the Board) and approved at their October meeting. The following policies and procedures were updated by the CRO and USC Advocacy & Government Services department, and approved by the Board in November.

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