My core values represent the principal goals that will drive my campaign.

Transparency: Drawing from my experience as a resident soph at Western, where communication and openness were paramount, I aim to implement transparent practices in the USC Science Council. This includes openly sharing information about council decisions, financial matters, and upcoming initiatives. Clear and accessible communication will foster trust among council members and the broader science community.

Unity: My role as mentor to first-year students has highlighted the strength that comes from unity. I will leverage this experience to create a collaborative and cohesive Science Council. By encouraging active participation and promoting a sense of belonging, we can ensure that diverse perspectives contribute to decision-making, creating a united front the represents the interests of all science students.

Accountability: Having managed a team during my regional manager role in a home care business, I understand the importance of accountability. I will establish clear expectations for council members and myself, ensuring that responsibilities are met and goals are achieved. A transparent system of accountability will not only elevate the efficiency of the council but also instill confidence in our constituents.

Inclusivity: Inspired by my initiative, Pangea, which seeks to unify students of different backgrounds, abilities, and identities, I am committed to fostering inclusivity within the USC Science Council. By actively seeking diverse perspectives, providing a platform for underrepresented voices, and implementing inclusive policies, we can create an environment where every science student feels heard and valued.

Open Criticism: In my role as a soph, I learned the importance of constructive feedback. I will encourage an open criticism culture within the Science Council, were members feel comfortable expressing their opinions and suggesting improvements. Constructive criticism will be instrumental in the continuous improvement of council processes and initiatives.

Noah Matsakawo