Campaign Platform:
To continue to build on my goals as current Science Councillor and emphasize my goal for building a more inclusive, engaged and student-oriented community within Science, I have decided to build my platform based off student and faculty feedback. After numerous consultations and conversations, many themes came up, which led to the creation of 3 platform points I believe best reflect the needs of the students in the Faculty of Science!

Many students don’t feel connected to the council, and many are unaware about the role the SSC can play in their lives. Open communication and transparency are important to create trust and open conversations to spark positive and meaningful change which impact the lives of current and future students. I would like to do this by leading the SSC as President to encourage every member of council to connect with the students they represent through various avenues and ensuring every science student feels heard and knows that they are part of this community!

2. Diversity
The Faculty of Science holds over 8000 students who all come from different walks of life, bringing their unique perspectives and experiences. With the renewal of the BIPOC and Religious Students Policy Paper, it is my goal to ensure that the interests of Science students is reflected in this and other papers and to ensure I can lead the SSC through training to understand the needs of diverse science students. I also hope to implement and improve current resources for better accessibility and advocate for inclusive policies. To do any of this, it is important for me to be aware, which is why I hope to collaborate with other student organizations as a part of the SSC to achieve this goal.

3. Continuity
Something I heard come up many times from students and faculty is the lack of time to implement major change, as the years go by, council changes and many new members are unaware of previous projects. Big change takes time, which is why I would like to think beyond the next year and work on mentorship withing the Faculty of Science and create resources for incoming and outgoing council members to continue the long-term projects and provide space for more students to get involved. I would like to see continuity within initiatives and to help facilitate this. Great things take time, and the SSC has the potential to be even more amazing than it already is. Rome wasn’t built in a day!