As a dedicated member of the Science Students Council (SSC), serving as VP Academic, a USC councillor, a first-year representative, and a science soph, I, Mauritius Sarofiem, am proud to announce my candidacy for SSC President with my campaign. I want to rejuvenate our campus life by bringing events like ‘Sci in the Sun’ back outdoors, fostering a vibrant, engaging community spirit. Building upon my extensive experience, I aim to enhance advocacy, focusing on informed policy-making and tackling issues from academic concerns to student wellbeing. My plan includes improving resource accessibility, introducing innovative office hours, and better advertising SSC services. Central to my campaign is demystifying the SSC, ensuring transparency and clarity in our structure and roles through comprehensive communication strategies. I am committed to creating a centralized hub for SSC events and resources and implementing a ‘Project Tracker’ system to streamline council efforts, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Vote for a revitalized, connected, and empowered SSC community. Vote Mauritius Sarofiem for SSC President, and let’s shape our prime time together!

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