Hi, my name is Michael Walker and I am a fourth year Kinesiology student on Western’s main campus. I am very excited and grateful to announce my campaign for the Kinesiology Councillor position of the 2024-2025 University Student Council.

Over the last four years I have spent at Western I have met countless individuals and been an active member on and off campus in all of my extracurricular endeavours.

With the students best interest at mind my platform is based on the principles of Community, Accessibility, and Reliability.

If elected as the 2024-2025 Kinesiology Councillor I seek to connect and help Kinesiology students understand the operations of the USC, work with the Kinesiology Student Association to bring more students into our community through events held on campus, and act as a reliable source of information and provide comfort to all Kinesiology students knowing they can address their concerns with me and I will advocate for their opinions on the council floor.

Please place your trust in me and we can shape the future of Kinesiology at Western together!