Dear Western, Huron, Brescia, and King’s students,

This is Clarence here! And I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the Faculty Councillor position within the Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS) at Western University.

I’m here to call out every FIMS faculty student! Have you ever considered bringing your own voice to our community and making a change? Now I’m here to present YOUR thoughts and YOUR voice to our University Council. Because I believe everyone’s voice needs to be heard, and it’s my huge honour to represent every FIMS student and your rights in the faculty.

Why should you vote for me??

1. My involvement in the community: From the moment I joined the Western community, I have been deeply involved in enriching our campus life. Whether it was bringing spirited music to football games as the Flag Sergeant of the Western Marching Band, or leading digital communications for the Western Student Experience team, or creating a unique documentary about our marching band, I have always strived to make a positive impact.

2. My skill set: These experiences have not only enhanced my leadership skills but also given me a unique perspective on the importance of collaboration, creativity, and communication. These are the principles I plan to bring to the role of Faculty Councillor. I aim to foster interdisciplinary excellence, revolutionize media learning, cultivate an inclusive culture, and advance class research within FIMS, I will work towards making this vision a reality, ensuring that every member of the FIMS community feels empowered and engaged.

3. Amplifying your voice: “Students have the power to change the world” so Join me in this exciting journey to shape the future of FIMS. Together, we can create a vibrant and dynamic environment that nurtures both academic and personal growth.